About the company

OSC Transport

OSC Transport is a transportation company based on Estonian capital, which offers daily goods carriage service of the highest quality both in Estonia and in the Baltic states. OSC Transport was founded in 1996, when the provision of transportation services in Ida-Virumaa started. Recently the company has expanded, and our car fleet increasing on the ongoing basis enables us to provide goods carriage services all over the Baltic states.

70 couriers deliver goods to customers on a daily basis, and, owing to a large car fleet and long-term experience, they are capable of delivering parcels even to the furthest parts of Estonia. With regard to OSC Transport, you can be sure that you have found a reliable partner, who values simple and fast transaction of affairs as well as flexible and friendly service. Our experience of many years guarantees the service of fast carriage of goods of the highest quality.to your company.

Speed, accuracy, and flexibility comprise our way of thinking and serve to ensure that you will get the best service!