OSC Estonia next day courier service prices

If you need special type of goods carriage, ask for the price quote from the transportation organiser at  logistik@osc.ee.

NB! From 1 January 2014, to all of the orders that are submitted to OSC by phone, e-mail, or fax, the additional charge of 15% is added. If you place your order via the OSC Order Processing Centre, no additional charge applies. In order to join the OSC Order Processing Centre, please contact the OSC Sales Manager.

The search for the confirmation of the delivery of one parcel from the archive and its electronic forwarding cost 1,0 EUR + VAT.

We deliver hand-carried items to the rooms specified by a Sender or a Recipient, and we deliver pallets on hand pallet trucks as far as it is physically possible. This service is included in the transportation price;

When delivering goods to Saaremaa and Hiiumaa, the coefficient of 1.5 is added to the prices.

  • Maximum dimensions of EUR pallets are 120cm x 80cm x 180cm (height), weight up to 750 kg.
  • Maximum dimensions of FIN pallets are 120cm x 100cm x 180cm (height), weight up to 1,000 kg.

The additional charge for fuel is added to the prices. The basic fuel price is 0.99 EUR.

The VAT of 20% is added to the price.

NB! The price quote above is exemplary, and it is not binding for OSC in terms of providing any kind of services on its basis. If you want to get a personal price quite, please contact our Sales Manager.


Weight of the parcel up to - price
1 kg - 4,09 EUR
3 kg - 4,34 EUR
5 kg - 6,61 EUR
10 kg - 7,35 EUR
15 kg - 8,03 EUR
20 kg - 8,59 EUR
25 kg - 9,27 EUR
30 kg - 9,86 EUR
35 kg - 10,44 EUR
40 kg - 11,02 EUR
45 kg - 11,70 EUR
50 kg - 12,37 EUR
Additional 5 kg, or some part of it * - 0,66 EUR
One EUR pallet * - 24,43 EUR
One FIN pallet * - 29,97 EUR