OSC Tallinn fast courier prices

You can order this service, provided that both loading and unloading take place within one and the same county, and no further than within 20 km from the county centre.

NB! From 1 January 2014, to all of the orders that are submitted to OSC by phone, e-mail, or fax, the additional charge of 15% is added. If you place your order via the OSC Order Processing Centre, no additional charge applies. In order to join the OSC Order Processing Centre, please contact the OSC Sales Manager.

The search for the confirmation of the delivery of one parcel from the archive and its electronic forwarding cost 1,0 EUR + VAT.

We deliver hand-carried items to the rooms specified by a Sender or a Recipient, and we deliver pallets on hand pallet trucks as far as it is physically possible. This service is included in the transportation price.

The VAT of 20% is added to the price.

* Maximum dimensions of EUR pallets are 120cm x 80cm x 180cm (height), weight up to 750 kg.


Weight of the parcel up to - price
1-15 kg - 5,18 EUR
16-50 kg - 8,24 EUR
51-100 kg - 12,25 EUR
101-125 kg - 14,23 EUR
126-150 kg - 15,90 EUR
151-175 kg - 17,72 EUR
176-200 kg - 18,88 EUR
201-250 kg - 21,34 EUR
251-300 kg - 25,23 EUR
301-350 kg - 28,45 EUR
351-400 kg - 34,28 EUR
401-450 kg - 38,80 EUR
451-500 kg - 45,27 EUR
One EUR pallet * - 35 EUR