Guidelines for submitting orders


OSC wishes to offer to you the best service of goods transportation. For that, we are asking you to strictly follow the following rules for submitting orders:



First step 
Calling the courier
No later than by 3:00 pm (depending on the area) you should submit orders for calling the courier* as well as submit data about the goods to be delivered by e-mail or phone 56600008. The information your are forwarding should include the number of parcels and whether they are packages or pallets. 
*The customers who order delivery on a permanent basis as well as those who bring goods themselves do not need to call the courier.

Second step
Ordering delivery
It is also required when bringing goods to OSC terminals.
No later than by 5:30 pm the electronic order should be sent, which should include the name of the recipient, the phone number of a contact person, the exact address, working hours as well as the exact amount of goods (number of parcels or number and type of pallets). We are waiting for your electronic orders either via the OSC Order Processing Centre (registered customers), the form available on the OSC webpage, the form on the homepage, or by e-mail in free format.
Print out the order in two copies. You should keep one of them (with the courier´s signature), and another one will be delivered to the OSC terminal together with the goods.

If there are some additional parcels added to the order that has already been placed, an additional order should be placed, too.
If you fill in those items precisely, OSC will be able to plan the required means of transportation in advance and deliver the parcels to its customers as fast as possible.


Thank you for understanding!

OSC Customer service
Phone: 56600008